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Each cyclist has his own morphology and therefore a different position, that is why the software ML Postural System allows, after analysis, to adapt the machine to the Man and not the opposite by determining :

  • The optimal position.
  • The ideal frame geometry.

The various recurring pathologies for the cyclist from a bad position are of order: muscular, ligamentary, tendinous, respiratory and articular.

This studio dedicated to the ergonomics of the cyclist, welcomes you for more than 10 years at the entrance of Saint Malo. It offers you a global expertise to optimize your comfort and performance. This ML LAB system provides you with innovative precision measurement tools such as the ML Cleat, ML Size and a highly developed software such as ML Fitting.

Prices list
Full Analysis Ergonomic 150 € TTC
Set up of the Cleat by ML Cleat laser 25 € TTC
Base on report of the software analysis result adjustment of the bike 50 € TTC

Centre MorphoLogics
13 rue DE la SAULAIE
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