MorphoLogics Postural Study

This software by MorphoLogics allows realizing postural study to protect your health, and to optimize your performance and your comfort to give you even more fun and feel on your ride.

The Postural System®, has been approved by seven years of dynamic research and testing on over 3500 cyclists of all levels and practices (road, MTB, triathlon, track), at the Lyon Sports Medical Center under the watchful eye of Robert Gauthier. It is based on the optimization of the energy cost, which is the assessment of oxygen consumption compared to the developed watt intensity, heart rate as well as lactate production (toxin).

Today, more than 30 000 studies are carried out and more than 30 000 cyclists benefit from a position adapted to their practices, combining health, performance and comfort. This postural study is adapted for all the practitioners, whatever the type of practice (road, MTB, VTC, electric bike...) and whatever the level of practice (sport, leisure, urban)

The ML Postural System ® uses 12 anthropometrical measures, instead of 10 before, to embrace new technological developments. To ensure an optimal accurate, the MorphoLogics Company uses the ML Size® device (more info). The values are transmitted, via Bluetooth, at a tablet computer which allows getting the result of the postural study very quickly.


ML Size
ML Size®
Tablette numérique MorphoLogics

Tablet computer MorphoLogics


The software takes into account all the information received by the tablet computer, and it returns two analysis reports:

1st report = the optimal position: This paper provides the different adjustments to apply on the bike (foot/pedal interface, saddle and handlebar)

2nd Report = The optimal bike frame geometry: This paper provides the bike frame geometry adapted at the morphology of the cyclist (angle and tube length)

Then, The ML Right® allows adjusting the bike, following the instructions of the ML Postural System ® (more info).

Using the ergonomic approach, the MorphoLogics Company provides a postural study at the cyclist which Guarantees a total satisfaction. Its innovative products are beneficial for all the cyclists as well for the health as for the cyclist performance.