About Us

Morphologics SAS®, based in Saint-Malo, is an innovative start-up that was created on June 21, 2015. Its objective is to develop and market a range of B2C services and B2B products to improve well-being and performance of the cyclist by optimizing his position on the bike. Founded by Michel and William Le Goallec, Morphologics is the result of 20 years of ergonomic expertise with practitioners and cyclists of all levels.

The first innovation in the Morphologics® range is the ML Cleat®, which was developed and patented by Michel Le Goallec. This device is the genesis of the history of Morphologics®. It ensures an optimal cleat adjustment by superimposing the axis of the support of the foot (the head of the metatarsus of the big toe) on the axis of the pedal thanks to a laser beam. This parameter is very important because it is the first contact with the bicycle. An adjustment of this type ensures optimization of the performance, comfort and health of the individual. The ML Cleat®, has allowed the company to register as a new player in the world of cycling.

The company carries out complete postural studies thanks to the ML Postural System®, a patented postural study software, acquired in April 2016 from Cyfac Internationale. This software, based on the optimization of the energy cost, is the result of 7 years of research at the medical-sports center of Lyon, with 3 500 cyclists. Today, more than 30000 studies have been carried out in order to offer each cyclist the ideal position, combining health, performance and comfort, whatever their practice (road, time trial, mountain bike, ...) or their level (cyclotourist, cyclo-sport, confirmed cyclo-sport, competition). The evolution of the ML Postural System is increased from 9 to 11 anthropometric measurements in response to technological evolution. In order to guarantee millimetric precision, the MorphoLogics company uses the ML Size®. The values ​​are transmitted via Bluetooth to a digital tablet which allows to obtain the result of the study with very high speed and precision. The report contains the different dimensions to be applied to the bike but also the bike frame geometry adapted to the morphology of the cyclist.

The bike adjustment can then be done with the ML Right®, a support which facilitates the settings of the cycle technician. This tool will soon be available.

From this ergonomic approach, Morphologics® offers a thorough postural study. Its innovative products respond to a real demand of the universe of cycling as well to improve health as to optimize the performance of the cyclist.

The partnership with the Mouvement, sport, santé laboratory of the University of Rennes in 2015 or the collaboration initiated in April 2017 with the University of Reims, through Geoffrey Millour who is doing a thesis on the optimization of the cyclist position, show the company's desire to evolve thanks to research and innovation.