ML Cleat

ML Cleat

Optimizing the adjustment of the cyclist cleat position

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The ML CLEAT ® device, developed by MorphoLogics, optimizes the adjustment of the cyclist cleat position, using its laser system. The foot position on the pedal is primordial to ensure the pedalling efficiency. By superposing, the axis of the head of the phalangeal metatarsus on the axis of the pedal, we have a perfect alignment, and an optimization of the energy transfer.

As well as an improvement of the mechanic efficiency, a proper position of the foot on the pedal allows to reduce significantly the risk of overuse injuries: tendonitis, myalgia, joint pain in the lower limbs, dorsal muscular tension…

A cyclist pedals at an average speed of 90 rpm and this cadence can rise to more than 100 rpm in competitors. On a base of 90 rpm, this represents 5400 pedal turns over one hour and 18,000 pedal revolutions per 100 km. A bad adjustment of the foot/pedal interface may be harmful as well for the health as for the cyclist performance.

           Based on this observation, MorphoLogics developed the ML Cleat ® (Cyclist Shoe Adjustment System). This simple and quick-to-use device, allows to identify the first metatarsal bone using a laser system, and to report simultaneously the calcaneus/first metatarsal measurement on the shoe. This measure is made for each foot to take into account their distinctive morphology. The report involves aligning the centre of the cleat with the laser beam, taking into account the curve and the thickness of the bootie and therefore the shoe wear.

Advantages for the professional:

  • A new additional means to raise your level of service, key lever of your differentiation compared to the online distributors and the powerful actors.
  • An additional way to demonstrate the added value of your team to your customers and to strengthen their loyalty over time. 
  • An innovation allowing you to animate your shop. 
  • An opportunity to evolve the skills of your teams, sellers and mechanics. 
  • An innovation made in France in a company with a long experience and a recognized expertise of the postural approach in your universe, the bike.
  • A simple and fast innovation to use.
  • Be part of a certified network.

Advantages for the cyclist:

  • A customized setting for each practitioner :
    • Whatever the type of practice (road, MTB, VTC, electric bike,...)
    • Whatever the level of practice (sport, leisure, urban)
    • Whatever the type of brand used (look, shimano, speedplay, time, mavic, …)
  • A 100% reliable setting.
  • Dual Effective Setting: Physical Performance + Physical Integrity.

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